Network colors

The network "Colors"  started in France in 2009/10 with 80 pupils from the department of Seine et Marne and in collaboration with the Museum Stéphane Mallarmé. The second realization "Der Klang du paysage" with 320 pupils took place 2013/15 in Switzerland with  the four linguistic regions of Switzerland and
in collaboration with the Fine Arts Museum in Lausanne.
"Colors" is a participative exhibition and encounter project. It finds its meaning through multiple realizations in different cultures with different criteria of perception.
Raoul Marek’s own thesis is that :

The color symbolism is imprinted into each child’s imagination, but varies in relation to
a child’s cultural, language, religion and social environment and the child’s own sensitivity, so that the perception of color is influenced by both the environment and the child’s own personality.

The realization of this processual network investigates the thesis. This is only possible with adolescents up to 12 years as the perception of this age of man is still very emotionally and personally and not overlaid
by knowledge, experience and reflection.
Networking through creative action, art,

communication and personal meeting in the exhibition shows differences and similarities and the students experience themselves as part of a community. Versatile relationships between colors, children and places are made possible. The exhibition of Raoul Marek at the Musée Stéphane Mallarmé and at the Fine Arts Museum Lausanne presented the artistic output of the thesis and concluded the network with the encounter of young people involved in the project.  Interpretations of color theorists / psychologists and ethnologists connect the project transdisciplinary with the science.

The school of Mallarmé
The process

 Four schools from the Dep. Seine et Marne, F
with different social conditions

L'école de Mallarmé

2010 Museum Stéphane Mallarmé Vulaines s.S., F

Der Klang du paysage

The process

Eleven schools from the four
language regions of Switzerland

Der Klang du paysage

2016 Fine Arts Museum Lausanne, CH