Network La salle du monde

This public art project raises questions about historical and cultural identity. In each place of the  La salle du monde, a random community
of 150 people from the city or the village is determined through a lottery draw. This community (with guests) meets every year at the same day in their town to have a dinner together, which is served on a personalized table service which shows the portrait of each person. In Oiron since 1993 every year on June 30th. In Berne since 2004 every year on 3 September. Like a local chronicle, the 150 personalized table services are exhibited in the town, in a public place as a portrait gallery

during 364 days a year, in such places p.ex.
as the local Museum or the town hall.
The creation of links in the long run, between the places and their inhabitants with their cultural differences, is an essential part of the project.
This process provokes various personal relationships, which are marked by historical events as well as by a sensual perception of cultural differences and parallels. This artwork La salle du monde by Raoul Marek raises questions about cultural identity and communication in a local as well as in a global context. Within the framework of La salle du monde, the project becomes a common

denominator of places with different cultures
in order to show their superior relationship of
one to another. The first artwork La salle du monde took place in 1993 at Oiron (France, Château d'Oiron, Collection d'art contemporain). It continued with a second realization in 2004
at Berne

The random community of La salle du monde Oiron had their 31th dinner together on June 30th 2023.
The 15th dinner of La salle du monde Berne was served on September 3th 2018.

since 1993
La salle du monde Oiron

The annual dinner is realized by
the association "30.juin R.M. Oiron"

at the Château d'Oiron

The 32nd dinner La salle du monde Oiron
will take place in 2024

Château d'Oiron F
Collection of contemporary art

2004 - 2019
La salle du monde Berne

The portrait gallery La salle du monde Bern
is mobile in four exhibition cases.

The annual dinner was realized by
 the association "Salle du monde Bern"

at the public space of the city of Bern.

La salle du monde Berne has been
closed since 2019.

Network La salle du monde

Château d'Oiron, Deux-Sèvres F

Musée l'Hermitage Sankt Petersburg Rus
Le lieu unique Nantes F
Villa du parc CAC Annemasse F
Kunsthalle Bern CH
Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart D
Neuer Aachener Kunstverein Aachen D
Various places in Bern CH